SABATON + Accept(Support)


SABATON vender nok engang tilbake til Haugesund og denne gang med legendariske bandet ACCEPT som support.

SABATON's bass playerPär Sundström:

„We have just finished our new album, which is titledTHE LAST STANDand we know we have done a great album, which all fans ofSABATONcan appreciate for many years. If it is the best album of us, time will tell… But what we can tell for sure is thatTHE LAST TOURwill be the biggest and best tour ofSABATONever. It is the tour we have been looking forward to do for all these years!“

ACCEPT's guitaristWolf Hoffmann: „Accepting a tour withSABATONis the result of a very cool relationship we have with the band. It was a great pleasure to tour with them in USA and we followed their career with respect over the years. We have not seen a band who has such a clear vision where they want to go and it is rare that bands can translate their visions into real action.SABATONare a hard working band and are a serious role model for aspiring musicians and young bands. We are looking forward to have an exciting tour - especially after we have been in the studio for a while and sure feel some kind of cabin fever…“


18 år


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